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Breath in hydrogen even while you work

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Hydrogen – Oxygen-Combined

What does breathing in Hydrogen do?

Hydrogen molecules neutralize harmful free radicals and turn them into water, which is then excreted from the human body.  What is more, hydrogen reduces inflammation, boosts energy, and slows the aging process.


What the Experts Say

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Effective Antioxidant


How to use in daily life

How is water converted to hydrogen and oxygen?

  • An electrical current is passed through distilled water, a process called electrolysis, that lossens the bonds of the hydrogen and oxygen molecules.
  • To help this process a solid catalyst membrane is used that is housed in a metallic cell.
  • The quality of the membrane and the cell indicate the potential life span of the unit.
  • The best metal for constructing a long life cell is Titanium which will not corrode.
membrane electrolysis

You are buying a long life machine

  • Our pure platinum membrane catalyst at left is durable for a long life up to ten years.
  • Cheaper machines like at the right have a membrane that is transparent under light.
micropore titanium cell plate

100% Micropore Titanium 1 Plates

Our plates will never corride. 
Our plates cost ten times the cost of stainless steel or aluminium used by cheaper machines.

PEM CELLS 300 600

Pure Titanium Proton Exchange Membrane Cells

  • Our machines use world advanced Proton Exchange Membrane technology, using only small amounts of electricity and pure water, to produce pure hydrogen and oxygen gas.
  • No need to add any toxic powered electrolyte like Caustic Soda or Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) for electrolysis of the water.
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