Brown’s Gas ® hydrogen and oxygen output machine with humidifier and large digital display. Multi-functional for breathing in hydrogen, oxygen or combined through humidifier and used for making hydrogen water. Output 0.3-0.45 litre per minute, price includes free worldwide shipping. Money back guarantee.


Hydrogen & Oxygen Generator for personal portable use at home.

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It’s true …

There’s a new and different way for you to help people, a combined flow of hydrogen and oxygen is the preeminent method for fast relief from respiratory difficulty, eliminate free radicals that otherwise remain in the cells of the body, and apply directly to the body to relieve inflammation and injuries.  Most recently hydrogen/oxygen hospital-sized generators were used to spearhead the Covid-19 Respiratory Disease in Wuhan City, China.

It’s called the TRIGEN Method.

And it’s very different from the common methods you’re likely familiar with because of how Triple generation of Hydrogen, Oxygen & HHO occurs.

And as you’ll see, the high volume HHO availability delivers immediate benefits including prolonged life and beauty.

And you can easily provide clean pure oxygen-rich hydrogen regardless of whether a person is young or old, or other powerful drugs have been administered.

So, if you want to breathe well, and be free of free radicals you want to pay close attention to what we are about to share with you.

Even imitations made from plastic that use caustic electrolytes cannot beat the competitive price of this machine.

Gas output is adjustable between 50ml and 450ml per minute and can be used for:

  • Breathing through a nasal cannula.
  • Bubbling into the water to make Hydrogen-rich water for drinking and feeding plants and pets.
  • Bubbling water to topically treat wounds and problems with the skin.
  • Bagging and cupping areas of the body.

This machine avoids the use of toxic electrolytes (lye) and plastic parts built from Titanium with solid Platinum electrolytes.

The Brown’s Gas produced is the same as the gas produced from the classic method using caustic electrolytes after being bubbled through water to create electrically expanded water (EXW).

Research Professor Yull Brown the inventor of Brown’s Gas also gave it the name HHO (Hydrogen Hydrogen Oxygen) after the H2O in water.

This machine comes with many safety features including:

  • Anti-Flashback protection
  • Anti-backfill protection
  • Medical grade tubing
  • Overvoltage protection.
  • Over-current protection
  • Over-temperature protection

Safety Features
No caustic electrolytes such as NaOH (Caustic Soda) or KOH (Potassium Hydroxide) are used to maintain 99.999% purity of the gas.

  • Safe gas output
  • Clean gas

Advanced technology

This machine has been in manufacture for twenty (20) years and is proven safe.
The solid Titanium cell plates are dipped in Platinum twice; the Titanium cells are made by Dupont USA.
There are no plastic parts in the generation zone.

Zero maintenance 


120v and 220v AC power.


  • Operating Instructions
  • Brown’s gas machine
  • Water Humidifier
  • 5 x breathing tubes with Nasal cannulas

Starting Out


  1. Place on a flat surface
  2. Fill with distilled water
  3. Plug into a power outlet
  4. Turn on

The machine will produce gas in minutes.

AAAAA Benefits of Brown’s Gas:

  1. Aerobic:  Generates oxygen increasing mental alertness and energizing the body.
  2. Antioxidant:             Delivers antioxidant protection denser than any other food or supplement.
  3. Antibacterial:           Eradicates harmful bacteria from the digestive tract and boosts cellular metabolism.
  4. Alkalinity:                Boost’s alkalinity of household water by over 10%, boosting the immune system.
  5. Absorption: Improves your body hydration rate by over 7-fold, helping all cellular functions.

Hydrogen Home Generator

Inhalation hydrogen

Hydrogen Dreinking Water

Hydrogen Oxygen Beauty Treatment

Hydrogen Water Test

Certfication CE Hydrogen Generator


  1. Advanced solid-state technology to produce pure hydrogen & oxygen gas.
  2. Pure Platinum & Titanium Electrodes.
  3. No liquid or toxic electrolyte.
  4. Dupont brand proton exchange membrane from the USA.
  5. Membrane coated with layers of platinum.
  6. Electrodes 100% Titanium plates.
  7. Gas flow adjustable.
  8. Timer function.
  9. Screen Brightness setting function.
  10. Large 7-inch digital display.
  11. Display sleep mode: screen will become fully black.
  12. A quiet sound level allows using the machine while sleeping.
  13. Outside has an ABS plastic case, corners rounded streamlined design.
  14. Four wheels.
  15. Controlled by microcomputer.
  16. Automatic control system.
  17. Water level display and low water alarm function.
  18. Equipped with a large water bottle in front of the machine showing bubbles while running.
  19. Poratble Lightweight: 10kgs
  20. Dimensions: 40 x 27 x 32
  21. Power: 220 or 110 Volt

Additional information

Weight10 kg
Dimensions40 × 27 × 32 cm
Power Input V



110 Volt, 220 Volt


Free Postal, Optional Express Air USD250

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