Production of Brown’s Gas


Production of Brown’s Gas


Brown’s Gas is a type of air made entirely of pure water and composed of a stoichiometric mixture of hydrogen and oxygen in a specific ratio. To create Brown’s Gas, an electrolyzer machine is used to break down water into its component elements of oxygen and hydrogen.

The Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Electrolyzer:
Since the introduction of Brown’s Gas technology in China in 1991 by the owner of this website (Peter Griffiths) and Research Professor Yull Brown, the Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Electrolyzer has been developed. This type of electrolyzer uses metals as solid electrolytes to separate the hydrogen molecules from the oxygen molecules and does not require the use of a toxic electrolyte.

Is Brown’s Gas Produced by a PEM Electrolyzer Still Considered Brown’s Gas?
There is a common question about whether Brown’s Gas produced by a PEM electrolyzer without the use of the toxic electrolyte is still considered Brown’s Gas. Some suggest that the toxic electrolyte contributes to the characteristics of Brown’s Gas during the electrolysis process. However, the truth is that Brown’s Gas is defined as a stoichiometric mixture of hydrogen and oxygen produced in a specific ratio using the process of electrolysis. Therefore, regardless of the type of electrolyzer used (PEM or Alkaline), the resulting gas is still Brown’s Gas as long as the hydrogen and oxygen products of electrolysis are mixed immediately after the process.

Composition of Brown’s Gas:
Claims that there are other components present in Brown’s Gas apart from pure hydrogen and oxygen are invalid and go against the definition of Brown’s Gas. There is no plurality of gases generated during the electrolysis of water; Brown’s Gas is simply an intermingled hydrogen and oxygen compound.

In conclusion, Brown’s Gas can be produced using any electrolyzer as long as the resulting hydrogen and oxygen gases are mixed together before use. Our company provides both alkaline and PEM electrolyzers, but we do not recommend using the alkaline electrolyzer for human inhalation purposes due to the presence of toxic electrolytes. Only the PEM type of Brown’s Gas electrolyzer is safe for human use.


Brown's Gas is comprised of hydrogen and oxygen in the exact ratio of 2:1


Brown's Gas does not contain any mysterious X Factor


Only Brown's Gas generated in a PEM Electrolyzer is recommended for human use

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